Synchronize the armpit bacteria and you will never feel unpleasant odor! (Without deodorant)

More than 90% of adults and adolescents in the USA are using some kind of antiperspirants or deodorant, trying to avoid unpleasant smell.

The newest researches have shown that 80% of the people genetically don’t need antiperspirant or deodorant, but they are still using it.

The sweat doesn’t smell by itself, but the presence of bacteria under our armpit are creating the unpleasant smell. Many of the people are not aware of the frightening side effects because of constant use of these preparations.

The recent study has shown that the whole body is connected with microbes. We’ve found that our attention, mood and digestion affects the intestinal microbiome.

We will now show you the best way how to “cooperate” with your microbes instead of fighting them:

  • The first thing you should do is to start using milder soaps than the ones you use
  • Get rid of aluminum- Sweating is actually caused by inhibition of aluminum. Nowadays, the “organic” companies are advertising their products as aluminum free, because this ingredient is connected with numerous health problems.
  • Check the label- The deodorants are cosmetic products for which it’s usually claimed that are aluminum free. Don’t forget to check the label. The “Alum” is an ingredient which could be found in the contention, which is actually potassium aluminum sulfate. However, it doesn’t mean that it is completely aluminum free.
  • The triclosan and paraben are considered as strong antibacterial chemicals with the worst destabilizing effect for the armpit. The presence of these chemicals makes it hard for the good bacteria to survive.