Tell me how you sleep, and I’ll tell you who you are!

The position that each of us assumes during the sleep, according to the science, reveals our personality, despite the masks we wear during the wakefulness.

Different studies have, in fact, examined the subject locating the relations between some character traits and corresponding postures during the sleep, classified later in different categories: fetal, on the side, supine and prone. Every one of them hides unrevealed curiosity on their own character, whose expression will be facilitated by the state of the typical unconsciousness of the dream.

  1. Fetal position

Fetal position, depending on how it develops, characterizes different types of personality. Bent arms and drawn knees are the hallmarks of this position, and one of the most spread in the adult population. Typical for the ones who are anxious, with tendency to brood, sensitive and shy, despite the strong and determinant appearance. If the arms are bent instead of straight up in front, the position is now called semifetal (yearner), which conceals an unconscious desire to change their lives. The persons who adopt this position during the sleep are very ambitious, maybe too much, with a tendency to set unreachable goals and to be excessively self-criticized.

  1. Sleeping on the side

This position with arms and legs outstretched vertically, so called ‘log’, indicates a certain mental rigidity, despites the category contains 2 personalities at odds: one more inflexible and the other very confident and naïve.

  1. Supine position

The supine position includes 2 subcategories, the first is so called ‘soldier’  position and the other is a so called ‘starfish’. The first one is typical for who rests on his back, with the hands stretched along the hips, denotes confidentiality, inability to let it go, loves the tranquility and have high self-esteem. The starfish position is pretty rare, and it’s typical for the selfless people, prepared to listen, who loves to rest on back with the hands over the head.

  1. Prone position

The prone position, or the free fall position, is typical for those who rest on the stomach and denotes insecurity, anxiety, fear to take over the control despite the extrovert and unwise tendencies of the character.