THAT’S ENOUGH! If you want to quit smoking, do this IMMEDIATELY!

The persons that quit smoking suddenly are more likely to permanently stop with this habit, than the persons that are making it progressively.

“ For many smokers, the progressive reduction of the number of smoked cigarettes to a complete quitting, the best way to stop with this bad habit” – said the author of this study, Nicole Lindson – Hawley, from the University of Oxford.

“ However, in this case, we advise the people to quit smoking suddenly. The study we conducted, showed that more people will quit smoking if they do it suddenly” – she added.

The scientists randomly divided 700 smokers in two groups –  the first group was ordered to suddenly quit smoking, and to the other group, the number of cigarettes was decreased gradually, until they reached 0. The both groups received help, such as nicotine plasters or nicotine bubble gums.

Four weeks after quitting, in the group where they suddenly stopped, 49% of the people were still non-smokers, while in the other group, the number of non-smokers was 40%.

After half a year, from the first group, 22% of the people were abstinent, and from the other group 15% were abstinent.

“This is a good sign, that the most effective way of quitting smoking is to stop smoking suddenly” – said Lindson – Hawley.