The 8 super foods that cannot be missed in your diet!

A regular physical activity is not the only way to lose weight or to keep in shape: exists, in fact, particular foods that thanks to their properties, could construct a determinant help in out fight against fat and weight.

  1. Chili

The spicy meals are stimulating the organism and increase the consumption of calories. The chili also decreases the feeling of hunger and helps in moderating the quantity of the meals. Attention! It is better not to abuse it, because the excessive consumption could provoke stomach ache!

  1. Green tea

The protein helps the metabolism and helps in burning the calories at rest: like the tannin, reduce the absorbing of fats by the body. Except being a natural antioxidant, the green tea is capable to slow down the aging process of the skin.

  1. The apple

The apple is the ultimate food for losing weight, thanks to the pectin that contains. For a woman, eating 3 apples a day reduces the risk of gaining weight.

  1. The agar- agar

The algae are all rich with fibers and easy the intestinal and digestive activity. The agar- agar in particular is 100% natural gelling.

  1. The bran

The bran also is rich with fibers and pectin: eases the feel of satiety and removes the body fat. You can flavor your salads, vegetables even your yogurt with the bran.

  1. Pineapple

The pineapple is noted for its diuretic and slimming actions: consume also the mandarin, which contains the bromelain, a portentous that captures the body fat. The pineapple also eases the digestion and reduces the water retention.

  1. The celery

With low calories, the celery is a valuable ally in losing weight in the winter times. Rich with fibers, has diuretic properties that ease the elimination of fats and toxins, and fights against water retention. The celery is also used to flavor the meals.

  1. Cinnamon

And at the end we arrive to the cinnamon, which could be consumed in chopsticks, in form of essential oil and many other forms. The cinnamon accelerates the metabolism and contributes in reducing of sugar in the blood. Can be used for flavoring the tea and the yogurt.