The benefits of Aleppo soap!

There are many benefits of the Aleppo soap. This type of soap comes, as its name suggests, from Syria: it is, in fact, produced for hundreds of years, exactly in the town of which gets its name. The production of this soap, even today, is handcrafted and with extreme attention, since it is about a product made of excellent raw materials, as well free of preservatives and additives. But which are the benefits from the Aleppo soap? Let’s find out!

  1. Antibacterial and soothing properties

The Aleppo soap has antibacterial and soothing properties: for its production, contains, in fact, ingredients like laurel oil and olive oil that gives it these properties.

  1. Doesn’t causes allergies

The Aleppo soap doesn’t cause allergies: this is due to the fact that this soap doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances, but only natural ingredients. And, therefore, it is suitable for those who suffer of intolerances and allergies.

  1. Cleans the skin gently

The Aleppo soap is able to clean gently both the face and the rest of the body: exactly because it is particularly delicate it is suitable for the skin of kids and at those who have, more generally, very sensitive skin. Because of that it can, also, be used as a makeup remover, as soap suitable for depilation and as ally against psoriasis.

  1. It can replace the shampoo

Some persons are using the Aleppo soap also as a shampoo for their hairs. After washing it, proceed to rinse the scalp with a solution of water and vinegar, which carries the pH at optimal levels.

  1. Acts like a beauty mask

Between the multiple uses of the Aleppo soap, is the fact that it can be used as a purifying beauty mask: boasts, in fact, the antioxidant and anti-aging properties. You can cleanse the face and let the foam act on the face for 5 minutes, before rinsing.

  1. It has calming effect

At the end, the Aleppo soap doesn’t contain aggressive surfactants, so its natural perfume has real soothing and calming effects for the senses and to act positively. When it is about its conservation, don’t forget not to use plastic containers, but rather prefer wooden soapdish, which has the ability to keep its precious quality.