The cause of the “zombie” epidemic in Brooklyn!

The origin of the intoxication that transformed tens of New Yorkers in “living dead” last July, is overdosing of synthetic cannabis, which is 85 times more powerful than marijuana.

On 12 of July, more than 30 persons in a New York’s district of Brooklyn were rescued in a catatonic condition, with their eyes fixed in blank, with slow and mechanic movements and moans and groans. The doctors described this as a “zombie” epidemic.

Now, an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, confirms that the origin of these cases is overdosing of synthetic cannabis, 85 times more powerful than THC, the active ingredient contained in cannabis.

Out of control

The analyzes of blood and urine at 8 of 18 patients that were hospitalized on that day, explained that they were using the AMB- FUBINACA drug, a synthetic molecule originally created in 2008 by a researcher in the University of Clemson who wanted potentiate the pharmacological aspects of the THC, eliminating the psychotropic actions.

In 2009 the substance was patented by the pharmaceutical company “Pfizer”, that however, shortly after abandoned the patent and didn’t succeed to make experiments on humans.

Nothing natural

The indications of synthetic cannabinoids for drugs of this type is misleading: according to the authors of this research, the reference of cannabis suggests that it couldn’t lead to overdosing, but in reality, its chemical structure is completely different regarding THC. The AMB- FUBINACA that finished on the streets of Brooklyn, resulted 50 times more powerful that its precursors created in 2008.

Human guinea pigs

Once these substances (in powder or liquid form) enter the black market on the streets and web, only a minimal error of dosing is enough to create even life-threatening dangers.