The citrus fruits are lowering the cholesterol!

The citrus fruits is a real health elixir. It decreases the risk of obesity because of its low energetic value, while the high content of antioxidants lowers the risk of chronic diseases.

Thanks to the vitamin C, it improves the absorption of iron, and because the potassium, magnesium and calcium it decreases the risk of hypertension. The citrus fruits are also lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, thanks to the lycopene are lowering the level of cholesterol, while the flavonoids are lowering the risk of thrombus appearance.

These fruits are preventing the appearance of constipation, hemorrhoids, colon cancer. The gums bleeding is one of the indicators that your organism misses vitamin C, so you will have to intake more lemons in different shapes (raw, lemon juice, etc.). It’s same for the smokers, and persons that drink spirits and eat irregularly. It’s recommended to drink freshly squeezed lemonade, rather than coffee.