The cure for healthy teeth is one teaspoon of oil, every day on an empty stomach!

Rinsing of the teeth is an antient, healthy habit that has a potential to protect your teeth of bacteria and caries, if you do it regularly.

The secret is in the oil lipids, for which is scientifically proved that destroy the bacteria in the mouth.

That’s how, the habit for mouth rinsing with oil could protect your teeth of deposits, to strengthen the gums and to freshen your breath.

How to do it?

This procedure should be done every morning, right after waking up, on an empty stomach.

Take a teaspoon of oil (sunflower, coconut, sesame) and keep it for 10 minutes in the mouth, without swallowing it.

After that, when the oil is mixed with the saliva, spit it out and rinse the mouth with hot water.