The flip flops are the most common, but also the worst choice of summer shoes for your feet!

Don’t forget that the opened summer shoes could be dangerous while driving, because it could easily fall off or stuck on the driving pedals.

The summer shoes are usually made of plastic, and considering the fact that the feet are sweating intensively, irritations and blisters could appear.

The experts warn that mostly the summer shoes are not anatomically shaped, but they are flat and thin and the feet are not in the right position.

Usually when wearing opened summer shoes, the feet are overexposed to the sun, and often on those areas are appearing burns from the UV rays. They shouldn’t be forbidden, but we should all know that they shouldn’t be used for a whole day walking. For long and whole day walking, there are many “sport” versions of sandals with a thicker and more flexible soles. For bigger physical efforts, and the surrounding area where the feet could be hurt, it is best to wear specially adapted shoes.

It is really important to change the trampled shoes, and to wear the proper size. Don’t buy opened summer shoes that are “maximally fit” thinking that the feet have enough space “around”.