The FORBIDDEN RICE: The ingredient that cures everything!

During the reign of the Chinese royalties, the black rice was grown in small quantities because it was intended only for the royalties, while the “regular” people couldn’t consume it or even grow it.

Now it doesn’t have the “forbidden” status, but the production is still small compared with the brown and white rice.

Richest with nutrients

Half a cup of boiled black rice contains 160 calories and plenty of phytonutrients, and it’s also a good source of fibers, iron, copper and proteins.

Compared with the other species, the black rice is richest with antioxidants- it contains 6 times more antioxidants than the other species of rice, and contains more than twice quantities of fibers.

Besides, the black rice is notably richer with proteins: half a cup of boiled black rice contains 5 grams of proteins. The black rice belongs to the gluten free ingredients, so it is ideal for persons with celiac disease, and it is considered that every 7th person on the planet is sensitive on gluten.

Protector of health

Decreases the risk of heart attack

The black rice has the dark color because of the anthocyanins, the strong antioxidants that are dissolve in water, and prevent development of fat deposits in the arteries and lower the risk of heart attack.

These antioxidants are controlling the level of cholesterol better than any other ingredient, and in the same time are protecting us from free radicals and decrease the inflammatory processes in the organism.

Keeps the eyes

Vitamin E, is one of the antioxidants contained in the black rice, protects the eyes’ cells from the free radicals, and prevents the development of eyes’ diseases, such as cataract.

Improves memory

Thanks to the powerful antioxidants, the black rice improves the brain functions. An experiment on mice showed that this ingredient significantly slows the aging of the brain. Particular groups of antioxidants, in which are the anthocyanins, improves the process of studying and memory.

Protects the liver

Consumption of black rice helps the cleaning of the organism from toxins and prevents the development of fatty liver. Because it contains useful fibers, it prevents constipation, flatulence and other digestive problems. The fibers from this ingredient bind to the toxins, and they make it easier to throw them out from the organism.