The grapefruit is healthy, but you should NEVER eat it in these situations!

The liver has a really important role in the metabolism because of its numerous functions: It stores the glycogen, controls the cholesterol, transforms the amino acids or other molecules into glucose after depletion of glycogen stocks.

The main role of the liver is the detoxification process, which protects the organism of harmful effects of the numerous toxins we are exposed in the modern life. That’s why, many people say that the liver is a “mirror” for your health.

It squeezes the toxins of the consumed food and drinks, dissolve them into less harmful, and keeps them away from the organism, and with right nutrition we help him stay healthy and do its functions as it should.

You must avoid the grapefruit if you are preparing for detoxification or if you intake medicals. Even it is very healthy fruit, which is more than welcomed in every day’s nutrition, but in case of detoxification or medicals it only interferes the liver’s function.

More precisely, it slows down and blocks the function of CYP314, enzyme responsible for dissolving of the toxins. It’s function in the body is extremely important because it helps in “squeezing” of the toxins from the body.