The heart attack could be predicted 1 month before, if you pay attention to these signs!

Almost 50% of the people who suffered a heart attack, had these symptoms 1 month before, and most of them didn’t pay attention to them. Many of them lost their lives, and we will help you not to make the same mistake.


If the arteries tighten, the blood receives less blood than it needs, and it works harder. That’s the reason why you feel tired and sleepy.


If the heart receives less blood, it means that the lungs will receive less oxygen than it needs. If you have breathing problems, visit your doctor immediately.


If you feel weak, it means that your arteries suddenly become narrow and don’t let the blood circulate normally. In this case, the muscles are not receiving what they need and this condition could knock you down.

Dizziness and cold sweat

The weak circulation is guilty, why the blood flow in the brain is limited, and it is very dangerous for life. In this condition you could feel dizziness and confusion.

Chest pressure

If you have the early symptoms of heart attack, you will feel discomfort in the chest, pain and increased blood pressure. It will happen more often, because the heart attack is near.

Symptoms of flu and cold

If you have a feeling that you have cold or flu, it could be about a heart attack. Many of the people who survived a heart attack, said that they had these symptoms before having the heart attack.