The Mediterranean diet as effective as drugs!

The benefit of a healthy style of life, that includes the World Heritage Site food model, equals and sometimes is more effective than the anti- cholesterol medicines.

To follow a healthy style of life, with a diet that prefers fish, fruit and vegetable in big and processed meals cannot be considered as a simple advice: for the persons with risk of heart attack, the Mediterranean diet is an effective weapon as strong as the statins, most often prescribed drugs in the fight against cholesterol.

Eating healthy, stop smoking and spending more time in physical activity could be as effective as starting a pharmacologic therapy to reduce the bad fats. It is a conclusion of a British study published in the medical magazine Prescriber.

80% of the cardiovascular diseases, the primary reason for death in Italy and United Kingdom, where the research is conducted, depend of the modifiable habits of lifestyle and the passage to the Mediterranean diet, together with other healthy habits such as not smoking and working out, should be advocated by cardiologists and family doctors as a pharmaceutical prescription.

Not mentioning that the entertaining and rewarding physical activity brings with itself other side benefits (such as reduction of stress and socialization), has rarely side effects and improves the duration and quality of life.

On the other side, the statins are not without side effects. And if it is true that in a case of 40 prevents the relapse of ictus and heart attack, just a quantity of patients, variable between 1 of 50 and 1 of 200 live longer thanks to these drugs.

In short, ‘every decision on treatments should look at a more complete picture, including the lifestyle. And to encourage the patients to take informative decisions for the alternatives they have to protect their own health’.