The menopause! An evolutionary error caused by men

When men arrive at a particular age, the males are searching for younger females to reproduce. That’s why their peer’s fertility does not serve more.

The insistent ticking of the female biological clock stops at a certain point. Than arrives the menopause, the end of fertility of the women. But why the gentle half has to suffer this reproductive “stop”? A Canadian study published in the PLOS Computational Biology provides a new explanation. That maybe won’t like the men too.

In what is consisted the menopause?

Arriving in a particular age, the males desire to become parents, searching for a young girl. For their partners, at that stage of life, the chances for having kids are reducing and the more convenient choice for their body is to enter in menopause. The closing of the childbearing age is in fact an “accident” of the evolution imputable to the male sexual preferences.

What is the andropause?

According to Rama Singh, the development of the infertility – a countersense of the evolutional point of view that has to encourage the continuation of the specie- is a simple recognition of the fact that after a particular age, the fertility doesn’t serve longer.     It’s because the natural selection points to survival of the group against the individual success, encourages the reproductive possibility of the women that have more chance to be ‘chosen’.