The milk of young figs cures warts!

Not infrequently, but the warts are showing up at kids and adults. Often on hands and legs, but they could also appear on other body parts, such as neck, face and armpits. The warts are appearing on the skin, as benign changes, because the organism is getting cleaned. They are usually viral and could be transmitted. You should remove them because of healthy and esthetic issues.

Nowadays, there are different methods for removal of the warts: from applying different crèmes and balms on them to esthetic surgeries. Recently, the doctors are using different methods, such as burning with lasers, freezing with liquid nitrogen and removal with radio waves.

But, we are offering you old and completely natural remedy for warts removal.

This remedy is milk of young figs. Namely, when you pick a fig or fig’s leaf from a tree, you can see the white juice, or so called milk. You should apply it on the warts twice a day. This procedure should be repeated, until the wart doesn’t dry and disappear completely.