The nutrition can affect on the appearance of seizures!

The nutrition rich with fats can decrease or completely prevent the seizures at the kids that are suffering the heavy shape of this disease.

The British doctors from the Great Ormond Street Hospital have researched the effect of the nutrition rich with fats and poor with carbohydrates. In the research have been tested 14 kids that were suffering from epilepsy, and the drugs were not helping them. After 3 months adherence to the prescribed regime, more than half of the kids had 50% less seizures, and at 4 of the kids the seizures were reduced for 75%.

The way of nutrition has been specially adapted for each kid, but for all in common was that the glucose in their nutrition was replaced with fats.

Despite this way of nutrition have been developed in the 80’s, it is still unknown how it really works.

The doctors warn the parents of the kids that are suffering of epilepsy, before they start this therapy, it is necessary to be approved by the kid’s pediatrician, and it is recommended to consult with an expert nutritionist.