The nutrition can be more effective than the medications!

With strict vegetarian diet can be reduced the level of cholesterol as effective as with medications, say the scientists.

The nutrition that contain natural vegetable sterols from vegetable, fruit, almonds and vegetable oil, and viscous fibers from oats and barley have decreased the level of the ‘bad’ cholesterol at a group of 16 examinees for 29% in just 4 weeks!

The other group, that have taken 20 mg of statin daily, have decreased the level of cholesterol for 31% in the same period, and the third group, that have been on a diet with minimum input of fats, for 8%.

The research is showing that the patients with high level of cholesterol should be on diet for 6 to 12 weeks before they start using drugs.

“The nutrition is a key part of treatment of the disturbed lipids, but asks for big motivation of the patient, encouragement from the doctor and guidance from the nutritionist”, said Dr. James Anderson from the Kentucky University.

The high cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and the statin is decreasing the mortality from these diseases for third.