The Plum- Precious fruit of the summer

Although the plum is modest and frequently underestimated fruit, we can’t neglect its rich content of nutrients required for good health

dried-fruit-394070_1280Unlike nowadays, our ancestors have really appreciated this fruit that originally comes from Asia Minor and which growing doesn’t require some special treatments. Hundreds of years ago, the skilled traders, despite pigs and wheat have successfully sold thousands of tons of prunes on the European market.

The fresh and dry plumes are real goldmine with precious ingredients, despite sugar and fruit acid, they contain vitamin A, C and B, minerals, bioflavonoids, herbal fibers and small amount of proteins. Thanks to this content, this fruit have been used successfully in the traditional medicine, but it’s also confirmed nowadays as a big helper in many diseases.

Fresh fruits are characterized with low calories. That’s why they are recommended to the people that care about their weight (in 100 grams there are 51 calories). Opposite of that, the prunes are a real energetic bomb (100 grams of prunes have 249 calories). For this reason, they should be avoided by the people who are prone to obesity and the people who are suffering from diabetes.

There are more than 200 types of plums in the world, large and small, dark blue, violet, red and yellow, but their content is almost the same. The plums are most nutrient and useful if you eat them fresh, freshly harvested. But you can make delicious jam, sweet, compote, cakes and other sweets. Watch out when buying, they have to be mature, but not too soft, of which flows juice. Such as other fruits also the plum, standing for too long on the shell, losses big part of the vitamins.