The pregnant women should avoid the French fries

The German scientist recommend to the pregnant women and the mothers who breastfeed their babies to avoid consuming fried food, that can contain acrylamide.

The scientist from the Biomedical and pharmaceutical researches institute in Nurnberg are adding that the fetuses and newborns are especially sensitive on the potential harmful effects of the acrylamide, substance which is assumed as carcinogenic.

The problem is in the fact that the acrylamide is easily soluble in water, so the fetuses and newborns are more exposed on risk than the adults, because their body contains more water.

chips-french-fries-frying-in-oil-photo-ilker-sxc-hu-french-fries-243004915The acrylamide can be transmitted through the breast milk. Also the acrylamide at the fetuses and the babies can cause a brain damage!!!

With the recent researches is found that the acrylamide causes cancer on the rodents.

The high level of acrylamide is contained in the fried food, especially French fries and potato chips, so the German scientist  are recommending to the pregnant women and breastfeeding not to consume fried food cooked on a temperature more than 180 °C at all, at least while the baby gets 2 months of age.

Anyway, the pregnant women shouldn’t consume more than 10 grams of chips a day (that is around 20 mcg of acrylamide). The experts say that safe food can be count the fried food, cooked on temperature lower than 140 °c.