The secret of Cleopatra for the wrinkles

cleopatraThis recipe is translated from an old papyrus and adjusted for nowadays. Chop two unpeeled cucumbers and put them in a mixer with little bit of sour cream, so you can get homogeneous mixture which has to be in liquid condition (“to flow as Nile”), to be like mash. Then add one spoon olive oil and mix it again. After that add one spoon of honey and mix again. At the end add little bit corn starch (in the original recipe is used beef blood) and mix it for few more seconds. Put the mixing in a refrigerator to cool down for half an hour.

Rub the face, forehead and the neck with few lemons slices, but without wiping it out. Right after that lay down and slowly put the mixing, as a shaving foam is putted on the face. Let it stand for an hour and twenty minutes. After you remove the mask massage your skin with homemade cream or thick yogurt in circle movements. Let it dry and don’t put anything else. In short time you will decrease the wrinkles, and if you use it often you will be beautiful as Cleopatra.