The selenium can decrease the breast cancer risk!

The mineral, selenium, which is contained in the liver and the kidney, can protect some women not to develop a breast cancer.

The scientist from the Illinois University, have found that the selenium is connected to the other natural elements in the body and offers protection.

seleniumPrevious researches have shown that the selenium can decrease the probability for appearance of other sorts of cancer, and can also decrease the chances for hearth deceases.

In the recent researches, have been taken samples of tissues of more than 500 women that haven’t had breast cancer and have been compared with 79 samples of tissues of 79 women that have had breast cancer. The American scientist had found certain genes that have been responsible for production of enzymes for which is believed that are fighting against the cancer. Those genes have been present in bigger number in the samples taken from the women that have had breast cancer.  Their conclusion is that the women with certain genes can have benefits if they are taking more selenium.

*The scientist however highlights that are needed further researches on the selenium before it gets recommended as a supplement for the women.