The tomatoes are protecting us from cancer!

The lycopene, antioxidant which are the tomatoes rich with, is effective in prevention of cancer only in combination with other ingredients of this vegetable.

The lycopene, which belongs of the so called family carotenoids and gives the tomatoes the color red, in isolated shape almost doesn’t work, proved the American scientists from the Illinois University in trials with animals.

Their study has shown that this antioxidant can decrease the risk of prostate cancer, but not as an individual substance. The scientist conducted trials over 200 rats in certain carcinogenic substances.Tomatoes-packed-with-Lycopene

Than on one group of mice, they gave them tomato powder made with grinding of the full tomato, for 14 months, and on the other group they gave them pure lycopene as a food supplement.

The scientist found that the isolated lycopene almost does not affect, and at the mice that they fed with tomato powder was noticed 26% lower risk for prostate cancer, than the mice that did not got food supplements. The scientists note that it is still better to eat a whole tomato, than to swallow some preparations with lycopene.