The United Nations diet: Get a thin line in only 90 days! With GUARANTEED results!

The UN diet – Introductory remarks

A strict implementation of this diet leads to changes of the metabolism and to losing pounds which won’t come back again! The diet lasts for 90 days. If you want to lose less pounds, the diet brakes earlier, but the metabolism change is not happening in this way.

The UN diet always starts with a protein day, followed later by starch day, carbohydrates day, fruit day, and a protein day again. THE DAY’S ORDER SHOULDN’T CHANGE!

Now, let’s see how should we implement the diet in practice.


All the 90 days, we should eat fruits for breakfast. We should eat 2 same fruits or a handful of dry fruits (8 pieces of dry fruits should be enough).

UN Diet – Day 1 – Protein day


  • Meat, steamed, boiled or roasted (in amount as a restaurant portion, 2-3 pieces or around 250 g) or 3 cooked or fried eggs or some dairy products, even soy;
  • Bread – 1 slice of integral bread;
  • Salad – unlimited amounts with maximally 1 spoon of oil;
  • Soup – necessarily (without noodles). If you take dairy products, the soup isn’t necessary, but drink 1 cup of yogurt or milk instead.

ATTENTION: Different kinds of proteins shouldn’t be mixed in 1 meal, or during the day.


Same as for lunch, but in half-measure than lunch, without the soup and NO BREAD. It is necessary that if you eat meat for lunch, it should be also eaten for dinner, and if you eat eggs for lunch, you should eat eggs for dinner too.

UN Diet – Day 2 – Starch day


  • Beans, peas, lentils, rice, potato – boiled, only in the addition of spices (salt, pepper, ketchup, boiled tomatoes) it should be served in full plate;
  • Bread – 1 slice
  • Salad


Same as the lunch, but in half-measure. The dinner is WITHOUT BREAD.

UN Diet – Day 3 – Carbohydrates day


Cooked pasta with the addition of spices – ketchup or something similar or pizza with the addition of ketchup or puffs.


2 thinner slices of cake or 3-4 cookies or 3-4 scoops of ice-cream.

Necessarily: 1 bar of dark chocolate.

UN Diet – Day 4 – Vitamin (Fruit) day

Lunch and dinner

Only mixed fruit – as much as you want. However, even the fruit is not excluded, so practically the vitamin day could be like this: breakfast – same as every day, 2 fruits and for lunch and dinner you could eat steamed vegetable and salad, and similar for dinner. Between every vegetable meal you should have mixed fruit snacks.