There’s no better antibiotic than this! EXTRA: Natural remedy against ACNE!

Garlic, is often called as a powerful antibiotic, which could be used every day.

Contains antivirus and antibacterial and also antifungal benefits. It strengthens the immune system and naturally strengthens the body.

Natural remedy against acne

Because of its antibacterial benefits, it could also help in healing the acne. Rub the acne with a simply chopped garlic. Don’t rub the whole face, but only the tip of the acne. Repeat the procedure few times a day, and the garlic will do the rest, so the acne will disappear in a short period.

You can make a small mixture of chopped garlic and water. Apply this mixture with clean hands massaging your face, and few minutes later wash the face with warm water. The garlic will remove the bacteria from your face.