These 6 body parts are completely useless! Why do we have them?

Since the time of emergence of the human species until now, some parts of our body have become completely useless.

Coccyx or tail bone

The tails are no longer needed to the humans, because they could balance themselves with their own legs. However, most of the mammals will have tail in a certain period of their life, even if they’ve lost it before coming to life. Between the first day and five to eight days after conception, the human embryo seems that a tail is developing in the mother’s womb. But, until the moment of the birth, the tail transforms into the spine.

Male nipples

Both, the men and the women develop in the mother’s womb in the same way, in the first 60 days. After that, at the ones with the Y chromosome will appear the testosterone, which will encourage the development of the male organ instead of the female. But, until that moment, the nipples will appear and won’t disappear because of the influence of the male hormones.

Wisdom teeth

The human jaw through the time have become smaller, and the result of it is the problem with the wisdom teeth, which often doesn’t have enough space in the mouth for regular growth. That’s the reason why the teeth shouldn’t grow when we become mature. Besides, We are not forced to chew solid food, raw fruit and meat. The scientists agree that we should take care of our teeth, because in the ancient times, the teeth of our ancestors were falling off faster, so they have been happy when 4 new teeth will grow in their maturity.

Horripilation muscles

There’s a miniature muscle under every hair, which moves the hair up and down. Our ancestors had many more hairs on their bodies and they used the horripilation to look bigger and stronger and to keep them warm. Many animals are still doing this even today – when they are in danger, they stood up in order to look bigger and to ward off the predators. The cats are a good example of this phenomenon. That’s the reason why we stood up when we fear about something or if we feel cold.

The third eyelid

On the corner of our eye, there’s a tiny and thin skin, which shouldn’t be there, because the human doesn’t need it at all. It’s called the third eyelid. They could be also found in the birds and reptiles. They are transparent and are used to protect the eyes of moisture, and in the same time allow to the animal to see around themselves.

Parts of the ear

A set of muscles that moves the human’s ears is unnecessary, except for fun for those who can do that performance, because some people can’t. Namely, in the animal world, this ability allows the animals to hear better, but people don’t have any benefit of it.