These women cut their hair only ONCE in their life!

The women from the Chinese village Huangluo have very unusual tradition. Namely, since their birth until their death, they cut their hair only once, before marriage. The average length of their hair is 3 feet.

In this village lives around 60 long-haired women, and one of them has a thick hair that reaches almost 6 feet.

The village Huangluo is a home of the Yao tribe, which female villagers except the long hair, have to wear red dresses.

78 families, or around 600 people lives in this unusual village.

Pan Jifeng (51) is one of the woman that accepted this tradition to cut her hair only once in her life.

She adds that the secret for maintaining of her healthy and shiny hair is carried from generation to generation, and in fact it is really simple. The villagers keep the water in which they wash the rice, and the women use it as a shampoo, and they wash their hair in the local river.

We don’t cut our hair since our birth”- says Pan, adding that the first time when they cut their hair is on the ceremony for their 18th birthday, and it actually means that they became adults and they are ready for marriage.