They’ve cooked acorn and got this amazingly effective remedy for thyroid!

Did you know that the acorn has health performances? Find out how to make a beverage that cures the thyroid and improves the blood count.

You can make a beverage of acorn similar to coffee, which has health performances on the thyroid, and whereas it improves the blood count, it has benefits on the whole body’s health.

The acorn’s coffee is easy to make. You should make a stock of grinded acorn and cook 1 teaspoon, once a day in order to regulate the thyroid’s performance. Those who are anemic, are allowed to have 2 dozes of this beverage a day.

The mature acorn should be peeled and grinded in a powerful blender. Fry the blended acorn before usage. Boil water in a coffee pot together with the fried acorn, and cook it for 10 minutes. Strain the beverage after it’s done. You can drink it pure, but sugar and milk are also allowed.

NOTICE: Acorn’s coffee improves the blood count, cures anemia, which is a result of losing or insufficient intake of iron in the organism. Decreases the bones ache and joint pains, especially at women after the age of 40 and women with menstrual problems, regulates the digestion problems, helps in case of internal and external hemorrhoids, normalizes the blood pressure, decreases the cholesterol and triglycerides.

The researches have shown that acorn contains many active materials that are not used enough in the pharmaceutic industry, and most important is that it’s rich with iron, copper, phosphorus and potassium.