This doesn’t happen just to someone! These signs could mean that your child is USING DRUGS!

12 signs of danger!

Neglected appearance

Slow motion, sleepiness, slurred speech

Notable loss of body weight

Narrow pupils, extremely pale face

Visible traces of needle on hands and other body parts and wearing long-sleeved shirts even in hot weather or sunglasses in inappropriate time

Character change – lying, scams, selfishness, frequent school absences and bad grades

Unusual outbursts in the behavior – anger, tension or grumpiness. Sudden changes of mood and behavior, depending on opiates affect or crisis. Manifestations of abstaining crises are pains in the whole body, sweating, shivering, diarrhea, nausea, disturbance

Stealing money from the own house, or loaning from cousins and friends

Losing interest in everything, except trying to get money

Hanging out with unknown persons, bringing strangers at home

Frequent and secret phone calls

Frequent, short-lasting going out, avoiding to tell the reason

In the teenage years, the behavior change is usual thing and it’s possible for the parents to call a fake alert, fearing for their child. Depression, dissatisfaction and lapses at school could also appear for other reasons.
The only sure indicator is urine examination of narcotic presence, whether the parent makes it secret, or even better, together with the child.