This food changed the eye color at this woman!

The eyes are indicating the internal prosperity and balance towards the health discipline known as iridology. Some people that were on diets with raw food claimed that their eyes became clearer and/or their eye color have even changed.

Those who are using the raw food diet believe that cooking makes the food toxic, and many vital nutrients could disappear which makes an imbalance in our internal systems. They also claim that raw food diet could help you get rid of headaches and allergies, to strengthen your immune system and improve your memory.

The color of our eyes is a genetic trait under our parents’ influence. For example, the eye color of the kid could not be predicted until its born. As the kid grows, the eye color will change.

The most interesting thing is that the eye color is a huge variety of colors. If the eye color could change in the first few years of the kid’s life, why it can’t change when it grows up?

It is claimed that the raw food diet improves the circulation, which in return improves the capability of the organism for cleansing the body from toxins, and as a result it could change the concentration of pigments in the eyes. Those effects could cause people to feel surprising changes in their vision and the eye color.

These subject is researching actively. We are all aware that the science doesn’t always coincides with the experience. Many practitioners are ready to prove that the eye color could change because of raw food diet.