This is the most effective homemade remedy against cough so far! (RECIPE)

We all know that the autumn is a wonderful period in the year, but it brings with itself the cold weather and of course- flu and cough.

That’s why, we are bringing you this magnificent remedy that will prevent the cough ruin the beauty of autumn.


  • 150g of sugar
  • ½ l of beer


Pour the sugar in a pot and put it on fire, until it gets caramelized. After that, move it away from fire and pour the beer in it. It will start foaming, so pour it slowly, so it doesn’t spill. Put it back on fire and stir continuously until you get a homogeneous liquid.

The thickness should be thinner than honey, and it will take around 15 to 20 minutes.

Remove it from fire and transfer it into a smaller dish. After cooling down, it will get thick as honey.


The adults should intake 1 tablespoon few times a day, and the kids should intake 1 teaspoon of this remedy.

You can increase the dose at any time, proportionally, but it is also important to consume the remedy freshly.