This is what really happens when you eat garlic and honey every morning on an empty stomach!

The garlic is known as one of the healthiest ingredients, a natural antibiotic and a cure for many diseases.

It proved as extremely useful for improvement of the heart condition, because it lowers the high blood pressure and the cholesterol, preventing the heart diseases and the risks of heart insufficiency.

As an extra bonus, the garlic could also relieve the usual health problems, including the pollen allergy, passenger diarrhea, cold and flu, insect bites and fungus infections.

Regular consumption of garlic could lower the symptoms of osteoarthritis, diabetes and enlarged prostate.

Besides, the garlic could encourage your immune system and improve the capability of the body to eliminate the toxins. In combination of ginger and onion, garlic could support detoxification due to chemotherapy.

How to use the garlic?

As it has been mentioned before, eating raw garlic is more useful than eating it cooked, because its active component, allicin, stays in its natural (healthiest) shape. For optimal health benefits, eat garlic 15 minutes before meal. It will activate chemical reactions making the allicin to easily absorb by your organism.