This man said goodbye to the diabetes thanks to this beverage!

The doctors diagnosed diabetes to this man and high blood pressure 4 years ago and recommended him a treatment that he had to intake every day.

But, he decided to heal himself completely naturally and started eating raw fruits and vegetables in order to detoxify his body and bring back health.

He found that has diabetes accidentally- he decided to visit a doctor because has noticed that is thirsty all the time and had to urinate more often. The results shocked him! His sugar level was 29 and as his doctor said to him, his pancreas was almost dead. He had to intake insulin for his whole life. Because he had no other choices, the man started using insulin.

However, he found this recipe and decided to try it, of course with the right nutrition and lifestyle.


  • 5 bananas
  • 2 apples
  • 2 kiwis
  • Kale


Put all the ingredients in a dish. Than overflow it with 1l of water, leaving it to stay for a night.


In the morning, drink half a liter of this beverage, and drink the rest during the day. If you decide to follow this man’s path, you will have to consume lots of fruits and vegetables, and tuna because it is rich with B12.

At the end, we think that you won’t feel hungry anymore, because as much healthy food you eat, the healthier you will become.