This man survived TWO CANCERS and now he’s FIT AS A FIDDLE! We bring you his story!

After decades of fights for life and surgeries for even two cancers, first larynx cancer than lung cancer, Bozo Kojovic (Gorica, Montenegro) can finally take a breath.

“The doctors say that the disease is finally defeated” – says Bozo.

This man unwillingly remembers the experiences with this cruel disease, which could be placed in a few lives.

“I was completely exhausted, I have been just a bag of bones. The doctors were in my house for days” – remembers Bozo.

Even the doctors were skeptical about his life, he decided to fight to the end. With his ascetic-looking and with just a bit of hope for recovery, he informed himself about the character of the disease and how can it be cured, but with no bypassing the traditional medicine.

“We did everything we could in order to ease the disease, to help him. Whatever I’ve heard, I’ve prepared it for him, I was trying to keep him alive as much as possible” – says his wife. “He even changed the diet. He quitted smoking and drinking, and he replaced the water with whey and teas. Together with the prescribed drugs, he used young flowers of fir, and dandelion honey.”


“You should pluck the dandelion root. Just look out to pluck the whole root, so all of his natural juices could be used. Put a handful of dandelion roots in 1 gallon of water and it should be heated to boiling, only for a minute. Let it stand for 10 minutes and strain it. Add 1 spoon of honey in this mixture and drink it” – says Bozo’s wife.