This natural beverage decreases the level of bad cholesterol!

The parsley is used in every day’s food preparation as a tiny addition for a better taste, but actually it is a great ally for our health.

It contains two groups of special ingredients, that are very substantial for the health- natural essential oils and flavonoids. Besides, it is a great source of vitamins C, A and K, so it is recommended to increase the parsley usage during the flu season and colds.

Also, the parsley leaf is an effective remedy in encouraging secretion of bad things of the organism and better circulation.

But, if we add some lemon to the miraculous parsley, water and a bit of baking soda, we will get a miraculous beverage that will reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.


  • 5 l of water
  • 3 ties of parsley
  • 1 kg of lemon
  • Baking soda


Rub well the lemon peel with baking soda, in order to remove the dirt of it. It is best to use organic lemon. Boil the water and let it cool down. Cut the lemon on slices, chop the parsley finely and add them into the cold water. Cover it and let it stay in a fridge for a day. At the end, mix it in a blender and pour it in a bottle or jar.


Drink 100 ml of this beverage every day, and you won’t believe how fast the cholesterol will be decreased!