This woman cured rheumatism by herself! Find out how! (RECIPE)

This recipe is for a woman that cured rheumatism by herself, after the unsuccessful attempts of the doctors. But she also claims that has cured her tonsils using a simple method.

Here’s what she says:

‘You will cure the swollen tonsils with a chestnut honey. You will spread the honey on a towel and peppered with a black pepper and wrap it around your neck. If the honey is natural, the tonsils will withdraw during the night’ – says she.

‘I cured the rheumatism by myself, after the failure of the doctors. The numbness of the hands and severe pains were intolerable’ – adds.

Here’s her recipe:


  • 2 kg of natural honey
  • 1 l of rainwater or distilled water
  • 250 g of alfalfa clover


Cook the rainwater with the clover on low fire for an hour and after it start boiling, turn off the fire and strain it. Add the honey and let it stay for a night.


Take 2 tablespoons after meals, three times a day.