Consume at least 3 apples per day or any other kind of fruit rich with fibers, such as cereals, in order to decrease the risk of death caused by heart deceases.

The analysis of the results of 10 American and European researches, conducted on over 330 000 adults, have shown that the people who are consuming 10 g of fiber food daily, have decreased the risk of heart attack for 14%, and are decreasing the risk of death caused by heart deceases for 27%.

One middle sized apple contains 3 g of vegetable fibers, and one slice of whole grains bread contains 1,5 g, and the broccoli contains 2,7 g of vegetable fibers.

apples-634572_1920The recommendations for nutrition rich with vegetable fibers for prevention of heart deceases, is based on series of scientific proofs”, says the author of the research, Marc Perрeira, researcher from the University of Minnesota.

According to his report, 5 249 persons, who were part of the research, in the last 10 years have developed heart deceases, and 2 011 have died from this deceases during the research. The benefit for health have been proved as bigger in the cases where the persons who were taking more vegetable fibers from cereals and fruits, and less from vegetables.

The reason for that could be the fact that the products rich with starch and hardly digestible ingredients, such as corn and peas, are poor with nutrients, but have high level of sugar, that can lead to diabetes and heart deceases.

It was also determined that the food rich with vegetable fibers is decreasing the blood pressure, decreases the level of lipids in the blood, that chokes the blood vessels and improves the sensitivity of insulin.