Touching confession of a lady: ‘This is why I got cancer on age of 23!’

Sarah has published her story in order to alert all and turned public attention on the most essential thing – health!

It is a mid – summer and everybody have only one thing on their minds: How to get tanned. But what if your summer tan costs you a health, asks 23 years old Sarah Farrell.

Sarah has published her story on the Elite Daily portal in order to alert all and turned public attention on the most essential thing – health!

‘In February this year I have been diagnosed a melanoma that metastasized in the 4 stadium. I have never even dreamed that I could bear with something like this on this age’, says Sarah.

‘Yes, I have been in a solarium for many times. Actually, I started avoiding it after I got a nasty burn. Then I had 20 years’, remember Sarah and add that she considered herself slightly cautious when it was about sunbathing.

But a single birthmark on her head changed everything!

‘I postponed going to a doctor because I was afraid of work absence’, recounts. She went to a doctor after a persuasion of a friend that warned her that she cannot postpone it anymore.

‘I felt that something is wrong with my body. Many don’t have that luxury until it’s too late’, she remembers.

When she found out about the melanoma, she withdrew. She stopped the communication with the environment. She didn’t wants to complain about it.

‘Physically I was feeling okay, psychical – I was destroyed. I was afraid. Not from the needles and scalpels, but of the results. Would I live long enough to have kids?’ retells her fears.

The operation that had to lasts for 3 hours, lasted for 7 hours. They removed all the 69 lymph glands from her left side of the neck. In 4 of them the cancer has already been developed.

Sarah hopes that her example would be a lesson to the people not to postpone their doctor visits if they feel something urgent.