‘Toxic’ new clothes: One washing is not enough!

Even the clothes of the famous brands contain chemicals that impair health. Between them is the formaldehyde, which is used also for keeping body parts of a dead man.

It is really important to wash the new clothes before wearing it, more than washing the used one. This is also for the new bedclothes, towels and everything else that is in contact with the skin, and it is washable. The dermatologists say that washing them even twice is good, because it could still have parts of the formaldehyde. The manufacturers are using this chemical, which is by the way used for keeping dead man or body parts of dead people, in order to prevent creasing of the material or appearance of molds.

Although the amount of used formaldehyde shouldn’t go beyond some legal limits, there are still clothes on the market in which that amount is highly exceeded. Appearance of this chemical is not reserved only for the cheep brands, but also for those expensive ones. It could cause many healthy issues, such as allergies, skin diseases, weakened immune system, cancer etc.

The formaldehyde has antibacterial properties, so it is widely used in disinfection (for e.g. in many factory plants), and allegedly it is also used in production of pastilles for mouth and throat disinfection.

Last year the Greenpeace organization has made a research on children’s clothes and footwear of many famous and expensive brands. They took 27 samples and made some analyzes. They found dangerous chemicals in 16 of them, even toxic, which disturbs the hormonal balance into the body and cause other healthy issues. After these researches, some manufacturers have reduced the usage of these chemicals.