Unbelievable! A pigeon reveals if you have a cancer! (VIDEO)

The pigeons have congenital instinct of recognizing the malignant tissue, say the experts.

The scientists have trained pigeons to recognize microscopic images of carcinogen and healthy tissue on breasts, so they rewarded them for every correct answer. The birds are now showing themselves in act when they recognize tumors on the microscopic images. They recognize perfectly from mammography images which are really hard to recognize.

The pigeons could recognize identities and emotional expressions on the human’s face, different packaging of medicals, even the artworks of Picasso. Their visual memory is impressive, because it is proved that they could memorize more than 1800 images’ – said Professor Edward Waserman from the Iowa University.

The accuracy for determination of the diagnosis by the pigeons is 85%. They could recognize carcinogen tissues in benign and malign condition.