UNBELIEVABLY: She lost 110 pounds with THIS diet!

Talitha Pringle, 25, worked at a casino and almost every night she ate 2 pizzas and drank soda drinks, as well as up to 6 bags of chips. However, exaggerating with junk food had its price- Talitha weighed110 kg. Therefore, she decided to do something about her current situation, and in order to achieve that, she underwent a very strict military diet, according to Mirror.

This diet was created by the American army in order to help soldiers lose weight in a short period of time. It includes low calorie food for 3 days and healthy meals for 4 days. She began the diet in May last year and managed to lose 45 kilograms in a year.

Unseen Transformation She Tried the Military Diet and Lost 50 kg!2

She stated that although she was never slim, she was never unhappy. Additionally, she added that she loved food and ate two pizzas every night in order to avoid paying delivery. Hence, she said that she had been consuming more than 4000 calories per day and things simply got out of control.

Aside from pizzas, she also ate chips and other snacks to that extent that she did not consume anything cooked. “I do not drive, I live alone, and I always ordered food as it was easier. A friend at work made me try the diet together with her. Although it was very strict, I saw the results after a month and this was the encouragement I needed”-she added.

Even though the diet is not a long-term solution, it was what she needed. Now, she is able to control her meals, cooks her own food, and eats a lot of fish and vegetables. She eats a banana or ice cream for dessert on occasions. Until January she exercised at home, and from January onwards, she goes to the gym three times per week.

“Now I can wear the clothes that I could only dream of. What’s more, I feel healthy, self confident, and proud”- she concluded.

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