Walnuts can protect the heart!

Eating certain types of plants, such as walnuts, opens the arteries and can help in decreasing of the cholesterol. In the research is said that eating 40 g of walnuts daily, as part of nutrition poor with saturated fats and cholesterol, can decrease the risk of coronary heart disease.

At the persons who have participated in this research, the vascular functions have gone better for 33%, after eating plants rich with alpha-Linolenic acid (ALA), in comparison with the persons that have consuming typical American meal. Moreover, few more researches have been showing that the type of Omega 3, fatty acids that are located in walnuts can be helpful for the heart, same as consuming fish from the cold seas (Salmon, herring, mackerel). According to the American Center for Control and Prevention of Diseases, more than 930.000 Americans are dying from cardiovascular diseases every year.

The American Heart Association recommends people to eat at least two portions of fish weekly, especially those kinds that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which have shown that increases the level of the good cholesterol, can help in decreasing of the triglycerides.

The Heart Association also recommends people to eat tofu, walnuts and soy. But additional researches are needed to show the relation between ALA and the heart diseases. According to them it’s not quite sure, does the improvements have occurred as a result of eating vegetable food that contains ALA, or because of the decreasing of the bad fats and their replacement with good.