Walnuts oil as effective tool in battle against roundworms

walnut-oil-613156_1280Walnuts oil is an effective tool in battle against roundworms, but also against liver disease and urinary system. For complete release of vermin, must be used 30-60 grams of walnuts oil with wine repeatedly. The oil is used for treatment of burns and wounds that cannot heal for long time. Walnuts oil is recommended in case of stone in the bladder and pain during urination. Strengthens the intestinal peristalsis, which allows it to be used in old ages and obesity. That can decrease the level of cholesterol  in the blood clots. The walnuts oil is able to treat wounds and to beautifies the skin. Long time ago it was used for healing inflammation of the middle ear. It’s use for treatment of  variola, variola minor, scarlet fever, rubella, but also for cracked nipples. In the traditional medicine the walnuts oil have been considered for effective tool in healing the gangrene and fistulas around the eyes, but also nerve diseases. It also helps with kidney diseases, pain and cracks in the anus, although strengthens the kidney. During fast it’s necessary to chew walnuts, to release yourself from stiffness. Except that, the walnuts oil is cleaning good the vessels in atherosclerosis, helps in healing the hemorrhagic diathesis. When it’s taken before sleep (15-20 grams) it cleans the gastric coating and prevents enlargement of the thyroid. During  gastric pain, it’s necessary to rub the stomach with small amount of the oil, until the skin soak it completely.

The walnuts oil is made when immature shells are boiled in oil, with addition of small amount of ammonia. This oil is used for protection of sunburn.