WARNING: Because of this medicine, his body rash and he fell in coma!

The medicines are powerful drugs that primarily have only one purpose, bluff your brain that there’s a problem inside your organism and remove the pain in the brain itself.

The purpose of the modern medicines and modern pharmaceutical companies is the profit. Big amount of money is invested in the medicines, but the profit is much higher.

This baby boy suffered of a simple flu, but experienced a real nightmare just because of this medicine.

Not even one medium was allowed to publish which medicine it was, and the parents are forced to stay silence because the company that produced that medicine is paying the baby’s treatment.

The baby right after intake of the medicine had a body rash. Large acne appeared on his body and in just two days, the baby fell in coma.

Sometimes we should wonder what in fact are the colorful pills that are sold to us as a remedy against of the invented diseases.