What happens if you don’t sleep enough? Find out here!

Surrounding ourselves with screens in every moment during the day and the night, has a tangible effect: we sleep little and badly. Here are 6 consequences of the shortage of chronic sleep.

We have talked a lot about the benefits of sleeping for our mood and health. But what happens when we sleep insufficiently? The shortage of sleep could have devastating effects on our physical condition and our mood. Some of the effects could be visible in the morning, right after we drink our coffee; the others are less known. We will give you the negative effects of the shortage of sleep.

  1. Colds

Who sleeps less than 6 hours at night, has a fourfold higher risk of catching cold that the one who sleeps for 7 hours. The sleep has the key role in the regulation of the T lymphocytes, the white blood cells that are fundamental for the immunity. The shortage of rest could make us vulnerable to viruses, more stress and could make us smokers.

  1. Obesity

The deprivation of sleep changes the hormonal equilibrium that regulates the stimulus of hunger, increasing the appetite for the more caloric meals.

  1. Lack of sexual desire26_depression_xxxlarge

Every hour of the earned sleep increases the sexual desire for 14%, mostly at the women. Consequently, the lack of sleep doesn’t facilitate the things in the relationship with the partner. A decent amount of rest improves the physiological response in sex, but also the number of the sexual intercourses within a pair.

  1. Intestinal problems

The lack of sleep also seems that increases the possibility of developing inflammatory intestinal diseases, such as the Chron’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

  1. Memory loss

The sleep is a fundamental stage in the process of consolidation of memories learned during the day. Also, a good sleep could make more easily accessible the informations that we can’t remember when we are awake.

  1. Mood swings

Interruptions, noises, interferences and unforeseen tend to bother us if we haven’t had enough sleep. That’s only the beginning. A chronic lack of sleep is also linked to a higher risk of psychotic symptoms, personality disorders and hallucinations.