What prevents the eclampsia?!

The eclampsia is serious disease which strikes women, shortly before or after the childbirth. The disruption is manifested with appearance of cramps that are followed by high blood pressure, edema and proteins in the urine. But rarely the patients are falling in coma. It’s found that more than 50 000 women are dying because of this disruption – mostly in the developing countries.

Luckily the eclampsia doesn’t occur immediately, but after the condition called preeclampsia. The preeclampsia is characterized with high blood pressure and presence of proteins in the urine.eclampsiaCLR

The results from many researches show that some infections of magnesium sulfate are good for curing the preeclampsia. According to the results of the international research, the magnesium sulfate double decreases the risk of eclampsia if it is given intravenously, shortly before or after the childbirth. This study covered more than 10 000 women in 33 countries, which received magnesium sulfate or placebo.

The results showed that the incidence for eclampsia is twice in the group of women that received the placebo, than the group that received magnesium sulfate, so the researchers found that magnesium sulfate is effective in reducing the risk of eclampsia at women, at which is diagnosed the preeclampsia.