What really happens if you go to sleep with wet hair?! Find out here!

Every time, after we take a shower or wash the hair, we’ve been warned: ‘Do not go out with wet hair’ or ‘Do not sleep with wet hair’!

How really disastrous for your health is if you fall asleep with wet hair? Will you catch a cold or something worse?

The cause for cold and flu are bacteria and viruses, so in order to catch a cold, you should be exposed directly to them.

When you fall asleep with wet hair, your body temperature will decrease a bit, you will have wet pillow, which is a perfect soil for development of fungus. By the time, you can develop some fungus infection that can bring you some other type of disease.

By the aesthetic point of view, your hair is brittle in that condition and you can damage it easily.

However, everything depends from person to person. Some are waking up only with a headache and the others with some serious disease.