What really happens in the body when you postpone going to bathroom?!

We all know that everybody’s doing this, but you’re not aware how harmful is this to your health. We bring you 3 facts that reveal what’s going on in the body when you need to go to bathroom, but you postpone it.

The bladder at adults could keep up to half a liter of urine before it’s felt that you have to go to bathroom. When you need to pee, but you hold it, the bladder muscles contract in order to keep the urine so it doesn’t go out through the urethra. But, it’s important to know that if you do it occasionally, no damage will occur.

A damage, sometimes on long-term could appear only if you constantly postpone going to bathroom and you keep the urine for too long.

In that case, because of weakening of the bladder muscles, a urinary retention could appear and the risk of infection is higher.

The bladder become a fertile ground for reproduction of bacteria if it constantly keeps big amounts of urine, which increases the risk of bladder or urethra inflammation.

When we really have to go to bathroom, we all say that the bladder will “blow up”, but the possibilities of that is extremely low. The possibility of that is really rare, and it could even happen to healthy persons, but only if the person drinks too much alcohol that could disrupt the brain signals it sends when we need to go to bathroom.