What She Smears On Her Butt, Everyone Has At Home – But Nobody Uses It!

Probably all people have coffee in their homes, so we can say that coffee is the most popular drink in the world. The majority of people can not imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee.

But, are you familiar with all the good and bad sides of the coffee? In this article we are presenting you one side of coffee that will leave you with a mouth wide open and refers to the coffee ground (what is left on the bottom of the cup). Probably all people throw away the coffee ground after drinking the coffee. Below you can read different ways of how to use the coffee ground, and definitely you will stop throwing it away.

Cellulite remedy – Most of the cellulite products that you can find on the market contain caffeine. Coffee grounds and oil will do the trick, and the best part is that this solution is much cheaper and more effective, natural alternative to combat cellulite.

Hair – If you have dark hair, you can improve the health of your hair with nutrient – rich coffee grounds.

Abrasive – Start using coffee grounds instead of expensive cleaning products, because coffee grounds can be used to clean pots, pans and surfaces. This is great way to save money.

Fertilizer – Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus which are contained in coffee grounds will help the plants to grow, and this makes coffee grounds very good fertilizers.

Soap – Coffee is extraordinary because can provide you great peeling – effect.

Against bags under the eyes – Coffee will wake you up or keep you awake, and you will have much more energy. And if you mix coffee grounds and a little olive oil, you can restore the skin under your eyes.

Against wasps – Instead powder you can use coffee grounds. Put them in a fire – safe jar and light it with a match. This will result in steam/condensation and with that it will dispel even the most stubborn wasps in seconds.

Cat fright – If you have notice stray cats, which can be really annoying  you can spread coffee grounds around your house and by that you will keep the cats at a distance from your home.

Against snails – Coffee grounds are good protection for your beets and all you need to do is to spread some of them across the soil. It will eliminate the snails because they hate coffee.

Grill rust – The barbecue usually is really smelly and sticky and it is very hard to clean. Coffee grounds are great solution for that. All you should do is to put some coffee grounds on a sponge and rub the grill with it. Rinse it off with warm water at the end, and your barbecue will shine like you just bought it from the store

In the fridge – One cup of coffee grounds will eliminate strong – smelling food in the fridge.

Against fleas – Use moist coffee grounds in order to relieve the dog of fleas by a natural way and the best thing is that it will leave your dog with a pleasant smell. All you have to do is to use the moist coffee grounds and massage it into the dog’s fur and skin.

Compost – Although this sounds like useless and disgusting information, if you put coffee grounds in the compost, many earthworms will show up because they love coffee grounds.

Against ants – Coffee has strong smell and that can be of a very great use if you have problems with ants.

After the reasons listed above, maybe you will start to drink coffee. We can conclude that you should not throw away the coffee ground, just spread it onto backing paper or on a flat plat and allow drying. Then you can use it for some of the ways we mentioned.