Why men easily tolerate pain?

The American scientists from the Universities of California and Texas found that the men easily tolerate pain because of the biological differences of the genders.

The GIRK2 protein has big role when it comes to sensitivity of men on pain and on medical action, but it is not that significant at women. Researches made on mice shown that with removal on the GIRK2 protein the ability for tolerating pain is getting equal. Despite the accepted belief that women tolerate pain easily, the researches shown that the pain is tolerated more by men. The GIRK2 protein is part of the mechanism that allows the medicament or nerve –transmitter to reduce the signal of the pain sent to the nerves.88828

The comparison made between the mice with and the mice without the gene responsible for creation of this protein shown that differences are present between the genders. Without medicament action, the male mice without the GIRK2 protein are tolerating badly the pain than the normal male mice, but equal with the female mice. The scientists were surprised by the discovery that almost every medicament for relieving pain which research was examined with research at male mice encouraged the effect on the GIRK2 protein, despite it is about different pharmacologically compositions.

The medicaments that reacted better, at the mice without the GIRK2 protein reacted equally on the both genders. The fact is that the medicaments for relieving pain are somewhat effective to the mice without the GIRK2 protein. This states the scientists that probably exists some undiscovered mechanism for relieving pain at female mice.

Therefore are needed further researches on the new medicaments, which should be made for women.