Why taking bath with a soap is harmful for your health?! Find out here!

Before appearance of the shower gels and soaps, the people had healthier life. They washed themselves with water and eventually with a soap, which they were making by themselves, but today most of the people can’t imagine not to use a soap and take a shower or bath.

With this habit, the immune system is being destroyed and the natural level of skin bacteria is being disrupt, which are not there without a reason. Namely, they are recognizing the harmful bacteria when in touch with a dirt and they are protecting the skin from acne and eczema.

The human body has billions of bacteria on the skin and in the intestines, and their natural balance is extremely important for our health. Regular contact with dirt teaches the bacterial community how to recognize the bad and the good bacteria. The only thing I recommend is mild organic soap”, says the gastroenterologist Robynne Chutkan.

She adds that most of the antibacterial soaps are full with chemicals that damages the bacterial balance on the skin and that washing with water only is enough.

The only places that should be soaped with an organic soap are the areas under the armpits and groins.

Dr. Chutkan claims that the cause of diseases is not the dirt, but killing of the good bacteria, and that the disinfection of the hands with different soaps and wet wipes is equally unnecessary.